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  Welcome Class,  My name is Sara

 I am B.J.'s Teaching Assistant.  If  you have any questions, about the classes, please fill out the form below, & one of us will get back with you as soon as we can.
If You Have Arrived Here For The First Time, You've Come To The Right Place
                                  This is a Self-Paced, Online Class. 
Welcome to Our Introductory Class.  Some of the topics we will be talking
  about are listed below:

​ *  Focus On  Loving Yourself
*  Knowing Yourself Better
                             *  Treating Yourself with Dignity & Respect
                       *  Enhancing Your Expertise and Talents
*  Useful Tools and Tricks

Hello again.  Should you have any questions, or comments, just fill out the form below.

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  Thanks   Sara

 We Wish to Welcome You.


   Please--Join Us and
        have a seat. 

   We think you will love and enjoy this class. You will learn a lot about yourself. We will play word games, and do a few brain exercises as well       as ways to develop and enrich your brain.
 (Before we get started, however),  I would like for all of you read these 2 pages  Introduction 1  and Introduction 2.  

 To start off with, we will be covering Five Pathways that we will discussing, (via ZOOM) before we reach our Final Pathway on our journey,
 which is >>> Our "Welcome to Community of One" site.

  Our First Pathway  ( Introduction 1) involves learning all the aspects of Loving, Accepting, Nurturing, and Honoring Yourself.  We will be
  going over all the four aspects (mentioned above) of really getting to know yourself, (which includes the definitions, and examples) -- as we         proceed through the class.

  The Second Pathway - (which is going along with the Loving Ourselves Series) - are those qualities of ourselves we find challenging or difficult 
  to manage or change (known as our Shadows / or Undesirable Behaviors), which was also mentioned in Introduction 1.  

  The Third Pathway are Our Mindsets, which is discussed (in Introduction 2).  We will be going over the definition of a Mindset, how it
 is formed, the differences between a "Fixed Mindset" and a "Growth Mindset", etc.  I will be introducing a few website articles and U-Tube         Videos.

  The Fourth Pathway  is  "Our People Helping People Series" -   We will be going over this in class, as well.  All the aspects of what it means
   to be a "Community Helper", how to get involved, volunteer, etc.  You will find out more about this in Our "Welcome To Community of One"         site.

   The Fifth and Final Pathway - which is were we will finally end up -  is -  Our Community of One site.  This was explained at the bottom of
   Introduction 2.

​   As we proceed on - there are Six Human Qualities we need to develop in ourselves to feel good about ourselves, they are:

        1)  Self-Love - Having a high regard for your overall well-being and happiness, by taking care of your "own needs"​  "First" for once.​ This                                 may sound a bit selfish to you at first, but it really isn't.  You will find out more about this as we continue on our journey.

        2)  Self-Acceptance - This  greatly affects how you look at yourself, the people in your immediate vicinity, and the world around you,  which                                        includes all the beautiful animals who share this planet with us.

       3)  Self-Esteem - This point is important, because it influences the choices and decisions you make​ "on a daily basis".  It also goes along                                      with our positive or negative thinking patterns and our mindsets. (which we will be going over in class as well).

       4)  Self-Confidence - Google as well as the Psychology Dictionary define self-confidence "as the person's trust in his or her own abilities,
                                     capabilities, judgements, and beliefs that he or she can be successful in the choices and decisions he or she makes                                           as he or she goes throughout his or her life."

      5)  Self-Respect - (according to Google)  A healthy level of self-respect enables you to have the confidence to set firm boundaries
                                (i.e. what your values are, and what you will or won't accept or stand for). Going along with this,  I think I will research                                      this a bit more... as to the "definition" of what it means "to have a healthy-level" (of self-respect), and will bring it up in                                      class.

     6)  Self-Actualization - (according to Google)  Self-Actualized people accept themselves and others AS THEY ARE as well as >>>> FOR WHO                                       THEY ARE  These Self-Actualized individuals fully accept themselves and embrace the "uniqueness" of not only them-
                                     selves, but the people around them as well as - "FANTASTIC HUMAN BEINGS".

   I think as a part of the learning experiences (i.e. the exercises we will be doing)  >>> you will be gaining and - discovering all you can, about     loving and accepting yourself, and what it actually means for you to become "one-with-yourself"; including all the aspects of what makes you       a"Terrific and Awesome" Individual  and to be able to accept that as well.   I feel this class will be a worthwhile experience for you.

 Also, included as  part of this class, we will be discussing the definitions, techniques, strategies,  and examples, of "Meditation". For those of you  who haven't explored the "art of meditation", we will be going over the definitions, techniques, and so forth, of what it is and the benefits you will gain from practicing it.  I will be asking the beginners - how do you imagine you would feel about journeying down the pathway of meditation and imagine what affects it would have on your life. (i.e. things you noticed about yourself - before and after you have completed a few sessions with yourself. >>> what you found as to what works and what didn't work.) We will be discussing this in class, as well.

   For those of you who have been practicing meditation for a while,  I will be including some advanced U-Tube videos for you as well.  

 I suggest, you look over the brochure, and read over what we will be covering in class, (including "Intro 1 & 2),  and if you decide to "give-it-a-try",  then click on the "Student's-Sign-Up-Page link above, and fill out the form and click the send button.  After I receive your email, I will let you know when the classes will start. 

 As I mentioned above - this is a "Self-Paced" online class.  Take all the time you need, because it's important  for you to really learn how to Love and Accept Yourself.  If all this seems to be a bit over-whelming for some of you, we will be taking our time with it...  if you have any questions, feel free to click on the "Contact Me" link above, or fill out the form below.  Thank You & Have An Awesome Day