Welcome To
A Model-Type Virtual Community
A  Place Where We Include Everyone
and Exclude No One

  We wish to Welcome our Visitors and Guests to our site. This place represents a Small Town Community.
 With a Visitor's Center, a Sanctuary, Town Hall, Print Shop, etc. We are a "Family-Oriented"-Community.
We humble ourselves by the examples we live by.

 If you are new to this site, you may want to visit our Visitor's Center - When you arrive, you may wish to take a Tour (on your right) with Myrtle (who is our wonderful tour guide). She will explain to you all the benefits that each center brings to all who visit here.  Our next stop is our Visitor's Directory, It has a list of all our community centers
plus a couple we have added, and the description of each center.

 After you have completed your tour and have returned to the visitors center, you will see (to your left) a
 few "navigational links" which will tell you all about us. (that includes an About-Us Page, an Information Page,   Membership Page and so on). 

 We have also set up a page, to give you a chance to "unwind" and rest awhile, before you go about your daily   routines - The page is simply called our- "Tranquil & Peaceful Park"

  Please contact us if you have any questions or comments of your experience.

  For those of you who are having issues with Our Sanctuary Center -  FYI - THIS IS NOT A RELIGIOUS SITE, it's more of a "Spiritual Site" - where we honor, and respect all who visit with us here. As it says in our "slogan" above - "This is a place, Where We Include Everyone and Exclude No One". It is our mission and honor to help anyone who is in need of assistance, no matter who they are.  Feel free to read our "inspirational and "Words of Wisdom" messages that we have included (as you enter the sanctuary).  

We will have "Guest" Speakers frequent us from time to time (via U-Tube Videos), so be sure to stick around for that.

 For those of you who are enjoying any pictures on this site and are having a problem accessing them for your own use, please email me and I will walk you through the best way to access them.  Thanks

 We hope that you enjoy your visit, so make friends with the acquaintances that you meet in your neighborhood. We hope you find comfort and solutions that are presented here, to the everyday challenges that you encounter throughout your day. May you find peace, and happiness in your dealings with the world around you. 

                                            From the Community of One Team

            This is a "Virtual" Community. 

    This is a place where people, (just like you) --
  share, their feelings, common interests, and
 ideas, with those around them, while connecting 
with people  - "all over the world".

To proceed on your journey,
  click on the village above
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This page, just explains what you will find here, and
directing the visitors to the various places they will
find here.  The village on the upper left, leads to the
"Visitor's Center".
              It is our wish that what you find here, will
Bring You Peace...Make You Think...&...Put Joy In Your Hearts.